Fall of 2021 we will be offering the following classes:

  • Eaglets (ages 0-4): For the babies and toddlers, this casual atmosphere is a safe place to explore, free play and enjoy new friends. There is a room for little ones to nap or rest, should your child need that break. Preschool students get to learn as a whole class and also have access to some free play during their time together (large motor and some small motor activities provided each day).
  • Grades K-8: Three-hour rotation of Science, Gym and Elective (K-1 Class Elective is Chess/Strategy games only)
    • K-1 Grade Class (Ages 4.5-6)
    • 2-4 Grade Class (Ages 7-9)
    • 5-8th Grade Class (ages 10-14)
  •  Science: Interesting and fun science course taught from a biblical, creation science  perspective. Engaging and knowledgeable instructor (Julie VonVett) with years of experience and plenty of hands on activities. Topic changes from year to year. 2021-2022 will be flying creatures!
  • Gym: Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical education activities led by our PE teacher, along with many group games including sports.
  • Elective Hour 2nd through 8th Graders can choose from the following electives:
    • Chess – Chess teaches problem-solving, concentration, math, patience and sportsmanship. Chess is also very fun. In this class, the kids will learn the rules of chess, simple tactics and strategy. We will use stories, puzzles and minigames to help everyone learn in a fun and effective way.
    • Fine Arts/ASL
      • Sept. 21- Nov. 16: Enjoy creating and experimenting with the 7 elements of art while learning how to make THEM work for YOU in each of our 5 sessions together. This line-up of art projects will delve into why and how line, texture, shape, color, form, value and space ALL play an important part in every, “TA-DA!” reveal!
      • Nov. 30-Dec. 7: Experience a beginner American Sign Language class with learning introductory Deaf culture and basics of conversational sign language.

Moms Time

This is as much a time for the Moms (Dads always welcome!) as the children. While the kids are getting great class time, homeschooling parents meet together in “Moms Time” getting the support we need through fellowship with each other, speakers, discussion and prayer time. Moms remain onsite at all times during Co-op.