Serving Requirements

Under a co-op organization structure, our desire is to have each member play a part in the overall functions of our group. We encourage Moms to prayerfully consider how they can best use their skills, talents and passions in a way that blesses our group, helping to minimize added burden on any one member.

  • Moms remain onsite at all times during Co-op.
  • Moms will be required to choose an organizational volunteer role for the year. Examples of these roles include, but are not limited to: leadership positions, cleaning, setting up, tearing down, keeping minutes, prayer team, classroom management, field trip assistant, connection coordinator, summer planner, etc.
  • In addition to an organizational volunteer role, Moms are required to serve in classrooms as scheduled (approximately 2-3 times/year).

If you are unable to fulfill your role, you are asked to communicate with the Leadership Team in a timely manner so your position can be reassigned. We strive to be a grace-filled co-op and will make every effort to accommodate your situation. In some situations, you may be asked to assume a different role.